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Please Note: This page discusses government fees and taxes, for attorneys’ fee click here.

The Clark County Probate Court requires that all documents (except for original wills and certain other documents) be e-filed. This is usually done through Odyssey, a for-profit company, that charges $3.50 to file each document or set of documents filed simultaneously in the same case, in addition to any court fees. (Documents may be e-filed at the Courthouse thereby by-passing the Odyssey charge; however, there are often long lines to do this. (Clark and Washoe Counties are the only Nevada counties at this time to require e-filing for probate matters.)

In addition, Court filing fees must be paid through Odyssey using a credit card and Odyssey charges 3% on top of whatever fee the Court charges. Again, this 3% charge can be avoided by filing at the Courthouse and paying in cash or with an attorney's check. But this is a time consuming process. Also, for e-filing at the Courthouse, the lawyer or his or her employee must feed each page into the Courthouse's scanner, and then verify that all the exhibits got filed correctly and that the scanner didn't miss any pages. This process is more comfortably done in the office and comfort reduces the chances of making mistakes. For these reasons we almost always do our e-filing from our office. (Lawyers are supposed to be called first for the e-file at the courthouse line, but, of course, their employees get no such special treatment so there is no cost-effective way to beat the Wiznet e-filing charge.)

The flat fees we charge upfront for our timeshare and set aside probates (estate value is less than $100,000) include all of these additional fees just discussed, along with postage and copying charges. For probates of estates worth $100,000 or more, where we don't get paid in advance, we will simply pay and pass on to the estate any of these fees.

How Clark County e-filing Works:

In the spring of 2019 the Court changed to automatically accepting for e-filing all documents, rather than waiting for a human to review the filing before accepting it. If upon later human review the Court doesn't like a filing it takes corrective action. We see this when we notice a Hearing. The new system automatically "gives us" the requested Hearing Date but we know that the Court may at a later date, usually with a day, e-mail us a new later Hearing Date if the the calendar was full on the date we requested. There are other reasons that the Court could revoke or modify a filing that was automatically accepted. 

Original Wills must still be filed over the counter so the Court Clerk can inspect and determine whether the Will is a photocopy or the original. Since e-filing involves filing a PDF copy, e-filing doesn't work for filing Wills. 

We also request certified copies of documents over the counter and usually get them on the spot this way. Also, we ask for Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration to be issued over the counter so we get them faster.