Mobile Homes on Rented & Owned Lands

Mobile homes comes in two varieties:

Mobile Home On Owned Land

If the home is in a place called "[Something] Estates" it probably means that the mobile home owner also owns the land under the mobile home.

A mobile home on owned land is almost always worth something. A buyer can be found who either wants to live in the trailer or rent it out.

Mobile Home On Rented Land

If the home is in a place called, "[Something] Park" it probably means the mobile home owner has been renting the space the home is on.

Unfortunately, at this time in Las Vegas and the rest of Clark County, Nevada, a trailer on non-owned land is often hard or impossible to sell. Most trailer parks in the Las Vegas area are in merely "okay" to undesireable areas of town.

The name "mobile home" is really mis-leading. City and/or county codes require that the disconnection of the trailer at its present site and re-connection at a new site be done by licensed contractors. These charges plus towing fees mean that it will cost a few thousand dollars to move a mobile home. The management of the existing mobile home can veto a new prospective tenant or owner. Because of this and the monthly rent charges, few investors want to buy a mobile home unless they also buy the land it sits on. If someone dies owning a mobile home in a "Park" where the land is owned by the "Park," monthly rent charges will be accuring against the estate while the heirs try to sell the trailer. Unless the trailer is fairly new, often the best thing to do with a mobile home in a trailer park is to see if the park owner will agree to take the trailer either for free or a small amount of money or in exchange for back rent owed. Of course, a trailer in a park can be sold, but it will take some energy and it will require finding a buyer who "qualifies" with the park.


There are some "mobile homes" in rented spaces in highly desirable areas that can be worth quite a bit if in good shape. Some trailer parks were once on the outskirts of a city, but are now in a desirable area of the city. Some trailer parks are desirable because they are close to Lake Mead or may even be on space rented from the U.S. Park Service right next to the Lake.

Probate With A Mobile Home

We have handled a number of probates which included a mobile home and can assist you in finding a broker or other person experienced with mobile homes if you hire us as your probate attorney and need some help selling a mobile home.