E-Filing Fees & Taxes

The Clark County Probate Court requires that all documents (except for original wills and certain other documents) be e-filed. This is usually done through Odyssey, a for-profit company, that charges $3.50 to file each document or set of documents filed simultaneously in the same case, in addition to any court fees. Clark and Washoe Counties are the only Nevada counties at this time to require e-filing for probate matters.

In addition, Court filing fees must be paid through Odyssey using a credit card and Odyssey charges 3% on top of whatever fee the Court charges.

The flat fees we charge upfront for our timeshare and set aside probates (estate value is less than $100,000) include all of these additional fees just discussed, along with postage and copying charges. For probates of estates worth $100,000 or more, where we don't get paid in advance, we will simply pay and pass on to the estate any of these fees.

Please Note: This page discusses government fees and taxes. View our Nevada attorney fees page for more information on legal fees or view our California probate fees.