It is your constitutional right to represent yourself in almost all court proceedings.

However, probate courts require that a number of documents be filed and written up in very specific ways. There are also specific procedures such as giving notice to creditors. The proceedings are complicated in a way that is designed to provide as much protection as possible to creditors and also to heirs in cases in which the administrator or executor handling the estate may be in conflict with and hostile to some of the heirs.

An experienced probate lawyer understands all of this. Only a small percentage of attorneys do probates because of the specialized knowledge required just as only a small percentage of lawyers would feel competent to defend a person against a charge of murder. In general lawyers have happier clients and less stressful professional lives when they only do certain kinds of law they are experienced in rather than trying to use their law license to handle any kind of legal matter. If the average lawyer won't do a probate for lack of experience, you can imagine how hard it is for the average person to do a probate themselves.

High Quality, Low Cost Probate Attorneys

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