Probate Costs

It is our goal to be your high quality, low cost Las Vegas probate lawyers. The old model of probate billing is to charge by the hour. Most clients hate this because they can't know if the lawyer really spent the time billed, they don't know what it will cost in the end, and because it rewards inexperience and inefficiency by the attorney.

On this website we list our flat fees on our Low Fees for Uncontested Nevada Probates page. We believe you will find that these fees are not only affordable, but truly low cost in comparison with what other Las Vegas probate attorneys charge.

Also see Low Fees for Uncontested California Probates.

Warnings on Some Fee Practices:

Some probate lawyers charge the greater of their hourly fee calculation or the allowed statutory attorneys' fees. Many clients sign this awful (for them) agreement because they don't know better or because their eyes glaze over reading the ten page fee agreement and the attorney has a nice smile. Some probate lawyers give the client the choice in advance of an hourly rate or the allowed statutory attorneys' fees. And some lawyers, such as our law firm offer a discount fee as described below.

In Nevada probate attorneys are allowed to bill their paralegals at their rate. So some probate firms will charge huge hourly rates for secretarial work.

If you are an administrator of a Nevada estate and there was no will and you live outside Nevada, you will need either to hire a Nevada resident co-administrator or give the entire job to a Nevada resident administrator. Some probate firms will just tell you that you need to hire a Nevada professional administrator and this will cost the estate $3150 for the first $100,000 in the estate and 2% of everything over that on top of, perhaps, statutory attorneys' fee of $4000 on the first $100,000, $3000 on the next $100,000, and 2% on the next $800,000 etc. In such a case, if you, as out of state administrator are willing to do the work of the administrator, we can get you a cheap Nevada resident co-administrator. On the other hand, if you don't want to be the administrator, we can get your professional administrator who will do all of the actual work of administration, either the Clark County Public Administrator or a private administrator.

High Quality, Low Cost Probate Attorneys

When probate is necessary, we consider ourselves to the high quality, low cost probate attorneys in Las Vegas and Nevada. See our fees listed and explained in Probate.