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Purchasing a Trust / Will Form

You're already on the net. Why not save some money and buy a form for a Nevada trust or will? After all, don't all attorneys, no matter how much they charge you, start with a form on their computer?

  • First, collectively we at Reed & Manfield have more than half a century of experience as trust and probate attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada, in understanding and dealing with the problems of wills and trusts. We'll be surprised if we don't ask you important questions you hadn't thought of. A good estate plan is drafted according to individual preferences and the strengths and weaknesses of individual beneficiaries. A form is only a starting point for drawing up estate plans.
  • Second, you will find that our fees for individualized counseling and writing up a custom trust are not that much more than fees for a do it yourself form. We charge $100 for an estate planning consultation which is credited to either a will (fee=$100 for a single person or $200 for wills for a couple) or a trust (fee=$675). Either fee includes a Health Care Power of Attorney . The trust fee also includes a Pour Over Will and a Declaration and Affidavit of Trust. Would you rather talk face to face with a live Nevada trust and probate lawyer or order a form over the internet?
  • Third, if you want to save money by installing a burnt out tail light in your car yourself, you'll know right away whether you did a good job. If not, you can always fix the situation by driving the car into a mechanic's shop. But, if you fill in your own will or trust kit you'll be dead before the do-it-yourself job gets tested to see if you left a mess for heirs. By then it will be too late to make any changes. As I am writing this I have about $8,000 billed to an estate worth only about $105,000 and another attorney has a like amount billed because the man who died bought a fill in the blanks will form and the resulting will is so hard to interpret that two of the heirs are fighting over who gets what.
  • Fourth, unless a the signature, date, AND MATERIAL PROVISIONS are handwritten--the legal term is holographic will--it will be invalid unless it's signing is formally witnessed by witnesses who sign the will and certain procedures are followed.

As Las Vegas and Nevada probate lawyers and attorneys we can write trusts or will for anyone resident in Nevada.